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Whether you wish to enjoy your Croatian holiday with your family, or with your firends, with your partner or as an adventurous single person, we have an apartment for you!

Our holiday house offers two beautiful apartments equipped with everything you need or might wish during your stay in Njivice. Scroll down to see the offer.

Inka and Dora: similar, but not the same

Select the apartment which suits your needs best!

Apartment Inka

This first-floor apartment is typically selected by families with children. Partners get to enjoy their stay in the larger room, while kids can have their own time in a bunk-bed equipeed smaller space.

This apartment offers larger kitchen and dining area, while you can also choose to spend your time on two beautiful teraces!

Apartment Dora

Dora apartment is situated on the second floor and it makes a perfect choice for child-free people or singles. The sofa in the lounge area is modular, so this can also be a good choice of a holiday home for smaller families who want a more afordable option.

You can enjoy your time on a lovely little terace with a charming view.

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